Covid-19 Cleaning Company Scarborough.

Covid 19 - Scarborough Cleaning Company Back to Work help

Coronavirus “Covid-19” essential cleaning before opening your Business.

Hackness Cleaning Services Ltd – Covid-19 cleaning company Scarborough. Our Coronavirus Deep Cleaning team can provide you with the perfect back to work package. Click here to get your free covid-19 cleaning company scarborough quote

COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. As the virus continues to spread, its posses significant risks to the work force and for the future of businesses trading. 

What can we do to help your Scarborough business with covid-19 cleaning?

Although the information that is made available for helping business start back up is very vague. Hackness Cleaning Services in Scarborough can help by offering COVID-19 cleans in Scarborough and the surrounding areas. Helping you in getting your business back on track. We have been heavily following alongside the NHS infection control and the construction league council on what is deemed as minimum requirements for the prevention within the workplace and how that falls into the cleaning industry.

  • Protecting your customers and staff
  • Adhering to HSE guidelines and infection control?
  • Providing the safety and assurances for your staff and customers.

What we do to meet covid-19 cleaning ?

Full PPE being present to protects you and us giving your staff and clients reassurance.

  • Facemask at IIF, N95 or KN95 rating,
  • Eye protection will conform to EN166 standards and the use of disposable aprons or HAZMAT suits.

Full sanitation cleans

  • High risk, low risk and major risk areas such as telephones, Computer keyboards, light switches etc.

Hourly hand contact cleaning to meet the minimum requirements of prevention. Affordable option to supply disinfectant products with full COSHH assessments.Full exterior sanitation.POWRA (Point Of Work Risk Assessments) inline for COVID. COVID-19 cleaning sign off sheets.

What you get prior to starting?

  • Our safety practices and COVID policy (SOP’s) to indicate how we protect you and how you protect us.
  • Risk Assessments targeted to your environment.
  • Tailored RAMS (Risk Assessments and Method Statements) for the prevention of COVID or other viral infections.

What we use to clean for covid-19?

We use a cleaning solution that is used within the NHS supply chain, it has 99.999% log kill where as the general purpose cleaning products you buy in the shops such as bleach has a 99.9% log kill. Where Covid 19 has been present we use a cleaning solution that has a 99.999999% log kill.

Back to Work Covid-19 professional deep cleaning service that will provide you peace of mind so your business can return to normal