Trauma Cleaning


Traumatic or hazardous contaminations are situations that may occur from Deaths, Violence, Accident and various other circumstances to which few people ever plan to experience. Unfortunately, the problems that can occur from these events are very difficult for people to cope with.

Hackness Cleaning Services are ready at all times to remedy any such situation that may arise from these events.

Cleaning Service

Trauma cleaning is a service which we provide to take the strain and stress out of a very difficult time. Our trained, compassionate and sensitive personnel are ready help in the cleaning of this potentially hazardous set of circumstances. All trauma scenes are different, to which we will ensure that the correct decontamination and property removal procedures are carried out. Most hard surfaces affected in these cases can be cleaned and disinfected. Items like clothing, furniture, drapes and carpets etc, may need to be disposed of in a proper manner. The reason for this is to prevent any further contamination.

All Bio hazardous waste will be disposed of in the correct manner using only licensed carrier, where the removed items will be sent for incineration.



Blood and other fluids spilled from the human body, whether it’s through death or non death situations, give off a putrid offensive odour. These odours are caused by bacteria. There are various infections and diseases that can be carried in the body fluid such as HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C, plus other infectious pathogens.


Our service will give you the peace of mind that your property will once again, have a safe enviroment after the traumatic situation.