Unattended Death Cleanup

unattended death cleaning scarboroughFinding an unattended death of a loved one or tenant can be an extremely stressful and traumatic situation. After a death, nature begins the process of returning our physical being to its simplest form, hence the phrase “ashes to ashes”. The length of time for an unattended death correlates with that process, and can start to leave behind blood and several bodily fluids. Unattended death cleanup is one of the professional services we offer. These situations are best handled by professionals as the situation could escalate and you can end up finding bio under the floorboards and spread throughout the house. The Hackness Group of this process can overload both the visual and olfactory (nasal) senses. Without proper clean up and odor remediation, biological fluids can contaminate and compromise the safety of a structure. Additionally, the scene can be dangerous due to the blood borne pathogens, bacteria and mold spores present. Hackness Group’s experienced technicians will provide a thorough blood cleanup and odor remediation, while addressing all contamination and structural concerns with speed and compassion.

In the Hackness Group of a death, one can be exposed to many communicable diseases and hazards, and this is especially true when it comes to an unattended death cleanup. The more time that has elapsed from the moment of passing, the risk of contamination spreading throughout the home becomes elevated. These situations require trained, licensed professionals to clean and remediate the home following an incident, so please contact us with any unattended death cleanup needs.

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